Certificate courses

Certificate in Data Analysis

This data analysis certificate is designed for practitioners looking to derive answers from raw data, including "big data" sets, using a comprehensive range of statistical analyses and methods. If you're responsible for organizing and analyzing complex data, even if you don't have a statistics background,

Certificate in Essentials of Humanitarian Assistance

This online course offers learners the insights and knowledge of working within the field of modern humanitarian system and responses. The course examines some major issues in the humanitarian field like natural disasters and emergencies and how to respond to them.

Certificate in Disaster Management

Shifting socio-economic situations, unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation, climate variability and change, geological hazards, competition for scarce natural resources, and the threat of epidemics are factors that compound the impact of disasters. Globally, disasters are on the increase, impacting communities and nations with grave social and economic consequences and threatening the survival, dignity, and livelihoods of the vulnerable sections of their populations. Disasters increasingly impact the global economy and the sustainable development of developing countries. In 2011, 332 natural disasters were registered, less than the average annual disaster frequency observed from 2001 to 2010 (384). This integrated program defines humanitarian response within the framework of an understanding of development, with vulnerability and disaster risk reduction as an integral part of development. This programme recognizes the vulnerabilities faced by the poor and marginalized and the disproportionate impact of disasters endured by them in the developing world. In this program, the study of disaster risk reduction, disaster response, and post-disaster recovery will be grounded in the values of justice, equity, and social inclusion.

Certificate in Office administration and management

Overview: Effective administration skills are essential to the successful operation of any organization and its individuals. The Certificate in Office and administrative support is designed for those interested in developing skills to learn professional office fundamentals in terms of office management, interpersonal relations and office technology.

Certificate in Education in Emergencies

Education remains a global challenge especially in the emergency context which records as many as 40 million children living in countries are affected by conflicts and fragility. The report postulates that in the next 10 years over 175 million children will be affected due to climate-related disasters. This are alarming statistics and the best we can do as an institution is to produce manpower who can comfortably handle the situation when it will be in place. Although education has been recognized as a life-saving and life-sustaining component by many scholars and actors in international community, there exists multiple challenges in ensuring the right to education.

Certificate in Human Resource Management

The certificate in Human Resource Management Course will introduce you to the field of human resource management - and its growing importance to the success of the organization's overall performance and success. The course introduces students to the theories, ideas, controversies and challenges involved in managing human resources in contemporary work organizations. The course also focuses on the link between an organization's overall business strategies and an organization's HR strategies, policies and practices.

Certificate in Nutrition & Humanitarian Assistance

Hunger and malnutrition are rampant among refugees and displaced populations, representing currently around 40 million people worldwide, many of whom – infants, children, adolescents, adults and older people – suffer from one or more of the multiple forms of malnutrition. Besides wasting, deficiencies of iodine, vitamin A and iron are common in emergency-affected populations. In addition, scurvy, pellagra and beriberi frequently occur in populations entirely dependent on food aid. The levels of risk of malnutrition in emergencies depends on factors such as the degree of civil security, food availability and accessibility, access to health services, and adequacy of assistance delivery. This course aims at enlighten more about these topics.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The course provides you with an introduction to the concepts and skills necessary to identify and develop opportunities to launch a start-up, new product or service. You will learn and experience first-hand the process skilled entrepreneurs go through before committing to launching their venture. In this course, you will join a founding team and take ownership of pursuing your team’s globally scalable idea. You will be mentored through the iterative process of creating value, and developing prototypes to validate your business idea. Assignments include weekly progress updates, creating a succinct website and video, pitching your idea to a live panel of investors, and writing an executive summary. This course is supported by guest entrepreneurs who will come to class and share their experiences with you. By completing this course, you will be better prepared to be an entrepreneur, launch or join a start-up, join an accelerator or incubator and raise venture capital.

Certificate in Gender and Development

Gender is one of the fundamental ways in which the social life of human beings is organized and it is always practical that from infancy onwards parents often think that boys and girls are different. In many respects, gender issues have become so emotive when it comes to issues of inclusivity in development issues. We consider gender development as a representative of development in general and not as a unique development process. The development of boys and girls is certainly affected by both biological and social processes, and is influenced by interactions with parents, peers, school, and the culture at large.