Diploma courses

Diploma in Food Security and Climate Change

The world’s climate is rapidly changing due to global warming, and will continue to do so for the decades and centuries ahead. This poses major challenges for future agricultural systems to provide food and other bio-resources for the 10 billion people that will occupy the planet by 2050.

Diploma in Procurement and Logistic Management

While many careers in the sector have existed for decades or more, the term ‘supply chain management’ is relatively new. Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) defines supply chain management as: Strategic management of the flow of goods, services, finance and information, along with relationships within and among organizations, to support and achieve an organization’s objectives. Strategic collaboration within and among organizations in a supply chain helps reduce costs, minimize inventory, enhance flexibility and improve a product’s time to market. The programme is aimed at equipping first-line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill their management role within the supply chain by solving well-defined problems.

Diploma in Agribusiness Management

This Agribusiness course has been developed to assist farmers and aspiring farmers to develop skills and knowledge in the agricultural sector including business management skills for agribusiness.

Diploma in Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing

Course Overview Come and learn from the experience of fundraising experts and donor agents. This is your organization’s ticket to financial sustainability. Objectives At the end of the course, participants will have a clear understanding of the resource mobilization framework; participants will have a clear understanding of the resource mobilization as well as a resource mobilization strategy that work for development partner and those that work for the private sector. In addition, participants will gain skill in developing winning resource mobilization strategies and how to negotiate for funding.

Diploma in Humanitarian and Development Studies

Humanitarian disasters will continue to occur around the world, and there is a continuous need for skilled humanitarian workers. In addressing humanitarian crises, the international community has long understood the need to extend beyond providing immediate relief, and to engage with long-term recovery activities and the prevention of similar crises in the future. However, this continuum from short-term relief to rehabilitation and development has often proved difficult to achieve. This course aims to shed light on the continuum of humanitarian crisis management, particularly from the viewpoint of major bilateral donors and agencies. Focusing on cases of armed conflicts and disasters, the course describes the evolution of approaches and lessons learnt in practice when moving from emergency relief to recovery and prevention of future crises. The programme responds to the need for qualified workers in disaster relief and development, in government and non-government agencies involved in humanitarian operations and development practice; addressing challenges and opportunities associated with various forms of national and international migration; public health programming, preparedness and response; and building the resilience of vulnerable populations. The purpose of the programme is for the practical application of specialized theoretical knowledge in humanitarian and development contexts.

Diploma in Environmental Studies

Gaining specialized knowledge in a field can assist in gaining the career of your dreams. A diploma attests to your skills and abilities in one specialized industry. Depending on whether you attend as a full-time or part-time student, programs can take up to three years to complete. So, what is a diploma in environmental studies? It is a field of study where students learn how to analyse and potentially fix several environmental related issues around the world or in a community. Programs can highlight learning about renewable energy, soil health and pollution. Certain institutions emphasize different areas of the environment in which a person can further specialize. Some focuses include marine life, botany and microbiology. Instructors may also cover the effect of the environment on health.

Diploma in Community Development

Course Objectives • Understand various intervention measures in solving social problems in a society • Use local resources to empower the societies in order to become self reliance. • Appreciate the role of communication in social work • Understand various methods and approaches used in social development activities • Appreciate the importance of involving other professionals in the development and solving social problems in a society. • Promote ethical and legal practices in appraising and solving social development problems • Appreciate the importance of self-entrepreneurial skills in the national development

Diploma in Effective Leadership in Humanitarian Programs

Leadership and management are two notions used to describe two related concepts. Managers do things right; leaders do the right thing. But this distinction is too facile and too simple. Leadership has two implied meanings. It can be defined in terms of position, as in being in a leadership position. A more fruitful way to think about leadership concerns the distinction between occupying a leadership position and being effective in that position. Leadership ought to be evaluated in terms of the performance of the group over time. It relates directly to the ability to build and maintain a group that performs well compared to its competition. In this section, these differences are discussed, explaining why both terms are thought to be similar. Leadership is just one of the many assets a successful manager must possess.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

This course is recommended for a variety of professionals including Marketing Executives, Managers, IT Managers and Senior Management. In addition, it is ideal for small business owners or anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies along with anyone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing. Possessing a globally recognised and industry validated Digital Marketing Institute certification will benefit any marketing professional enormously. Key benefits this certification offers include enhanced career opportunities, increased earning potential and a globally recognised and respected certification.