Diploma courses

Diploma in Grants Proposal Writing

The core principles of this course include the following, only expend funds as laid out in the approved grant budget, an organization should not use funds from a grant for items not included in the grant budget or for purposes other than described in the grant narrative, if there is need for amending the budget then it should be done in collaboration with the grant provider and after approval, every expenditure should be supported with adequate and legitimate documentation, ensure that systems of checks and balances are in place so that no one is solely in charge of money and monitoring of the expenditures periodically to ensure that overspending or under-spending can be addressed before the end of the grant period.

Diploma in Financial Management

Sound financial management is a crucial aspect of any thriving organization. Professionals who possess basic financial management knowledge and skills are often at an advantage in the talent market, and by the same token, entrepreneurs seeking to grow a business need to possess these skills to ensure success. This highly practical six months course will teach you finance and financial management within an NGO context, including how to budget, read financial statements, conduct a cash flow analysis, cut costs and perform several other finance-related functions.

Diploma in Humanitarian Aid

Every year hundreds of millions of people suffer as the result of natural disasters, climate change, armed conflicts and other crises. Humanitarian aid saves human lives, relieves human suffering, and maintains human dignity during a crisis. Humanitarian aid is material and logistic assistance to people who need help. It is usually short-term help until the long-term help by the government and other institutions replaces it. Among the people in need are the homeless, refugees, and victims of natural disasters, wars, and famines.

Diploma in Maternal and Child Health

This diploma is suitable for persons working in or planning to enter the humanitarian sector, including staff of humanitarian aid organizations, governments, and UN agencies. There are no prerequisites for this course. All participants are expected to have theoretical knowledge of humanitarianism, although humanitarian aid experience is not presumed

Diploma in Managing People and Projects in Emergencies

People are one of the most important parts of a project, but people management skills are often overlooked in favour of technical skills by project managers. However, effective people management, team management, influencing and communication skills, enable project managers to gain commitment from the project team and their stakeholders to achieve the performance needed to successfully deliver against objectives. Objective This course is for those individuals who have responsibility for, or are part of, the team responsible for delivering projects - on time, to cost and quality. It is essential you understand your own personal approach to 'management' so you can choose the right techniques to influence your team and key stakeholders.

Diploma in Personal Assistant

This Course will teach you effective time management and several of the other administrative skills required to become an efficient and effective executive personal assistant. In this course, you will learn about the tools of the trade such as email protocol, computer skills, and communication skills. You will also learn how to schedule and manage meetings, and handle special tasks etc.